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Osu!! Karate Bu ("Go! Karate Club") is a fighter game based on the Osu!! Karate Bu serialized manga by Koji Takahashi. The story mode (and intro) features Takagi Yoshiyuki, the leader of the gang-like Kangokou High School Karate Club which goes around fighting karate clubs from other schools as well as various ruffians and criminal elements around Osaka. The story mode has Takagi fight through several of these challengers as they attempt to take his title of "Soul of Osaka", which gives him sovereignty over the other gangs in Osaka.

The game is a standard martial arts one-on-one fighter in most respects, though features a few uncommon aspects. The first of which is that the player's health bar does not replenish after each round, and the fight continues as each bar is depleted. The second is that the player can recover from losing all their health if they have enough on their power (or qi) gauge. The game counts to three, like in professional wrestling, and the player has the chance to recover a small amount of health in exchange for their power.

It is the only game based on this particular manga and was never released outside of Japan.

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