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Otis is a character who appears in the Monkey Island franchise in two games: The Secret of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island (the first and fourth games respectively in the series). Although left behind by Guybrush Threepwood on their first journey to Monkey Island, Otis rejoins Guybrush in the fourth game under the promise that Guybrush will give him a 'cushy government job'.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Otis in The Secret of Monkey Island

When Guybrush first meets Otis, Otis is in jail for picking the flower, Yellow Caniche Endormi, which turns out to be a narcotic. Guybrush can only speak to him after solving Otis' bad breath, and after which proves useful when Guybrush wants the Idol of Many Hands. Otis is later freed from jail when Guyrbush melts his lock with grog and joins Guybrush on his journey to Monkey Island however, upon realising how bad the ship Guybrush is using is, he mutinies with the two other members of the crew, Carla and Meathook. In the canon ending of the game, the ship is sunk and Otis, Carla and Meathook are stranded on Monkey island.

Escape from Monkey Island

Otis as seen in Escape from Monkey Island.

Otis eventually manages to make his way back to Mêlée Island by the fourth game and has ended up becoming a petty thief. However, his time on Monkey Island had greatly affected his ability to be a good thief as can't pick a lock without being more noisy than a 'flatulent hippo'. On the promise of 'cushy government jobs', Otis reluctantly joins Guybrush on another adventure to Lucre Island where he is again imprisoned for picking flowers from Australian land developer, Ozzie Mandrill. He is eventually freed and joins Guybrush on his journey to Jambalaya Island but refuses to leave the vicinity of the ship. This is the last time Otis is seen.


  • Otis is voiced by S. Scott Bullock.
  • If Guybrush doesn't sink the ship in the first game, Otis and crew come ashore after running out of sunscreen and then eventually return back with Guybrush instead of being stranded on Moneky Island.

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