Otomedius X - Trailer (360)

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Konami's upcoming X360 shooter, Otomedius X, is due for release in Japan on April 21st. As detailed in the debut trailer below, it offers three player online and offline cooperative play. 

Otomedius Excellent, as it will be known in the West, offers a generous amount of pretty magical girls and cool fighter crafts. Since it's first launch in the arcades, the game has garnered a huge fan base. In Otomedius Excellent, you can enjoy a new story when you play the single campaign, and when the stages get too punishing, you can recruit up to 2 helpers in the Multi-play offline mode. For those with a Xbox Live account, the game will be even more fun, as you get to play against the best shooters on the network and grab new rare contents as you proceed through the game. New characters, stages and BGM will become available through downloadable packs.

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The wiki page needs amending. It says it's four player game, which is incorrect. I'd do it myself if I had privileges.

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It's ugly, and looks pretty boring... Konami should see if they can get a publishing deal with Cave instead, since Aksys are no longer interested. I bet Akai Katana Shin would sell way better than this in the States.

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