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Chi Gates/ Elements

Within Ouka exist 5 natural chi gates preserving the balance of nature  
  • Wood is weak when against Metal 
  • Metal is melted against Fire 
  • Fire is extinguished against Water 
  • Water is absobed by Earth  
  • Earth is controlled by Plants (Wood)   

Chi Arts

Chi from these 5 gates flows freely however their power can controlled for combat by the Clan sword of their guarded faction.   These are known as the chi arts;  each have 3 levels of technique growth before mastering the art.  


There is one final gateway which is the gateway to Semi (another continent) who once attacked Ouka thousands of years ago.  The gate along with Semi's beast wreaked havoc apon the land during their war.  The beast is now sealed at Central Kirin by power of the 5 chi gates and four gods of natural chi from the Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu.  These four gods can each be controlled by there gates clan sword.   Once the 4 gods have been controlled the 5th Kirin Clan Sword Can control the beast itself.


Ouka's Clans  

Eastern Seiryu  

The Seiryu inhabbit the Eastern section of Ouka.  The Seiryu guard Ouka's Wood Chi Gate and specialize in cutting attacks.   There clan sword can control the flow of Wood chi preforming wood Chi arts in the form of lightning.

Southern Suzaku  

The Suzaku inhabit the southern section of Ouka.  The Suzaku guard Ouka's Fire Chi Gate and specialize in dancing attacks.  Their Clan sword can control the flow of Fire Chi Preforming Fire Chi arts.

Western Byakko  

The Byakko inhabit the western section of Ouka.  The Byakko guard Ouka's Metal Chi Gate and specialize in blut attacks using the flat edge of the blade.  Their Clan sword can control the flow of Metal chi preforming chi arts in the form of Wind blasts

Northern Genbu

The Genbu inhabit the Northern section of Ouka.  The Genbu guard Ouka's Water Chi Gate and specialize in piecing attacks.  Their clan sword can control the flow of natural water chi in the form of water blast attacks.

Central Kirin.

The Kirin inhabit the centre section of Ouka.  The Kirin guard Ouka's Earth Chi Gate along with the gateway to semi.  The Kirin specialize in an advance form of the other clans attacks.  Their Clan sword can control the flow of Earth Chi preforming earth chi arts in the form of earth quakes.

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