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Classic fantastic 

This is still one of the most remarkable action-adventure games of all time. With absolutely superb animations and a brilliant atmosphere this game is a real feast to play through. The re-release with HD graphics makes it look absolutely beautiful on modern PCs and should be viewed by all in all its glory.  

Combo platter 

Combining the adventure/puzzle, platformer and action genres this well is a real feat. Also adding a setting and story as good as this to that mix is stuff of legend. The trial-and-error mechanic is tuned perfectly, and replaying segments is rarely annoying but instead fun and challenging while trying to find another solution or improving you timing skills. The one and only thing you possibly can complain about are the controls, that sometimes gives you a hard time trying to beat certain platforming bits, but this is on very rare occasion.

Pros & Cons

+ Amazing animations 
+ Stunning atmosphere 
+ Great platform/action/puzzle combo 
- Slightly bulky control scheme
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