The Ending (Spoilers!)

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Just finished Outlast, and man! What a game! It managed to keep the creepy atmosphere up for almost the entire game, barring a couple points towards the end (for me).

Did anyone else find the ending to be a little silly? I realize the sci-fi(-ish) nature permeates through the entire game, with the documents and such, but I was a little bummed to see the conclusion, particularly the very last bit. I felt that it took away from the scares in favor of an (admittedly) intense chase, ending on what could be considered a "chilling" concept, but I was left with a desire for more. Anyone else?

One other question - when the crazy doctor cuts off your fingers, do you think there was any symbolism in deciding which to cut off? Or was it just at random?

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I agree with You, the ending could have been better - with the gunmen shooting as down and that's all. But the final sentences made it illogical. I mean, Billy was the host, and the Walrider stopped to exist as Billy's host in the very moment we killed the young Hope with turning life support machines, all three. That was the moment I guess when the Walrider "jumped" into us, the main character. But come on, we die as well when they shoot us down, don't we? Why does the demon still exist and goeson feeding? No host! Or it jumpes forward into a third one, e.g. the old man, that's my only idea. I also expected it to be a little bit harder on the epilogue. I didn't mind the science-fictional twists it contained.

Anyway it was a very evilish game with the scary scenes (getting back the camera, goddamnudevelopers), I screamed several times. I enjoyed the pursues and the hiding greatly, they could be controlled comfortably. Plus it is a good game element to get notes by filming events.

Has anyone seen Graveyard Encounters? This game reminded me of that very - abandoned asylum etc, especially the broken camera (at the ending of the second movie, however that one was a bad movie, the first was more than ok).

P.S.: the old man mentioned the danger of "spread". Maybe exactly this happened - Mr. German Ghost Cannibal has started a worldwide trip.
P.S2.: About the significances of the left index and the right ring finger: I only know that when mortals have a deal with demons, they usually must offer they index finger(s) (there is a Stephen King novel about it). The wedding ring goes on the right ring finger, Trapper dispossessed Miles Usphur from this opportunity.

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The moving of the host bit troubled me as well. It seems like a really bad idea to shoot the main character if all it takes to transfer the Walrider is death. Why not attempt to contain it somehow? Maybe the old man wanted it inside him? Gah, I'm not sure, seemed really bizarre to me.

I definitely agree with the Graveyard Encounters similarities!

Ah, I didn't know about the offering of a finger to demons! That's really interesting! I wondered about the marriage thing, as like you said, no more marriage for Miles!

Getting back the camera was intense! Wow, that got me for sure.

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This game reminds me of the first Penumbra game, where the dogs just stop being frightening after a while. By the end, I'd say it was thrilling, but I wasn't afraid anymore. They put in so many chase scenes that I started to get the mechanics down, and I don't know if it's intended or not, but if you jump at the right time they can't hit you, and I can tell you, It saved me a lot when I was being chased by that big guy. The most frightening part for me was probably when you were in that pit, and the guy who is all wrapped up is following you, wanting to 'tell you a secret'. I had NO idea what happens if he got close to you, but that freaked me out.

I didn't like the transition into the whole supernatural stuff (or sci-fi, whatever) near the end. It stopped feeling like a horror game and went full on into an action game pretty much. As for the ending itself, I honestly didn't like it, though I had a suspicion the moment it went inside of you that it was using you. Though it was a horror game, and I went in expecting a kind of downer ending, so I'm not too disappointed. It's just a bummer that after everything your guy went through, you had to die in probably the most anti-climatic way possible. I wish it were more like Amnesia, which for a horror game, had a surprisingly upbeat ending.

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Just finished it. Didn't really like the direction it went in near the end, and none of the moments with Billy at the end really scared me. The last scary moment, for me, was when Walker begins chasing you after you leave Father Martin's chapel. All in all though, a really great horror game.

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One more thing I realised: Father Martin had a speech about wanting us become his Apostle. I'm sure he knew exactly what would happen, when we kill Billy. So he either did a terrible job with the elevator's repair or lied to us (that it brings us to the main entrance).

Wuu, at the Chapel: when the two naked guys opened the door to us I was like: "It's a trap!" They scared the sh*t out of me everytime they appeared. "Let's open his belly. I want his liver. - It is yours."

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I really enjoyed the game as well. Yeah, the ending wasn't amazing, but what annoyed me more was that there were no women in the women's ward.

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@random45: I can definitely see the Penumbra similarities. I had the same feeling.

As far as the action turn goes, the sum of everything before it made for an amazing game, and it is super unfortunate that it had to end the way it did.

I went into Outlast expecting a Shutter Island twist, so I can't say I wasn't surprised at the ending, but I wish it would've fed off the atmosphere it had built rather than throwing us into an abrupt death.

I want to think that there was some signifance to the way things turned out but Ifind it hard to with what seem like big plot holes (Why did the Walrider enter us? Why kill us if it will allow the Walrider to escape? How did the old scientist survive for so long?).

The game was excellent. Just a shame it had to end like that. I realize the experience is more important than the story in Outlast, but damn! Too bad.

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I loved Outlast. I agree, the ending was a complete bummer. I am perfectly fine with the ending being "a downer", but it felt anti-climactic and poorly written. There isn't even any ending monologue...just getting shot, a crappy line, and then credits. Also, I am pretty disappointed that the game literally boiled down to "NANOMACHINES!"...especially after it went from government experiments, to necromancy, to government agency sanctioned necromancy, to nanomachines. They at least did a good job of keeping me guessing the entire time, which most games cannot do. Still, with as crazy as the game got once you enter the last area I was extremely disappointed that the final encounter basically boiled down to the ending of FEAR 2...only with a worse ending.

The worst part of the ending is that there is only ONE ending. I figured that the amount of stuff you picked up on camera would factor into the ending: less footage recorded/relevant information recorded and you'd get a worse ending. Sadly, this is not the case.

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@daveman: Yeah, that confused me. Why did they suddenly decide that they didn't need to kill you? They knew that the priest wanted you when you first came across them but they still decided to come after you. They didn't really explain that. I also figured it was a trap at first.

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I thought the stuff in the ending kind of came out of left field. It was a little strange going from an abandoned asylum to a science facility. I didn't hate then ending and it didn't detract from the overall experience. Although, I kind of wish they would've left some of the major stuff a mystery. They opted to explain it all and what we got was Nazi mysticism and nanomachines.

I don't know how they could do a sequel. Patrick made a good point on the Spookin stream where he finished the game, that it might not be enough to redo the whole man with camera formula alone.

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The ending was a touch abrupt and unsatisfying, but it did align well with the entire story. You see, the journalist (you) was being groomed to be a host through trial, fear and anguish. The asylum was simply an incubation chamber for your misery and fear which supposedly (through extreme exposure to both) makes you a prime vessel for "the swarm". You were groomed and driven (mkultra, nlp, etc) to break the link between Billy (the mentally-ill/rapidly aging host) and "the swarm" thus essentially freeing it from its bond whilst keeping it alive. The nazi doctor was using misinformation and spiritual paranoia to prime insane patients for swarm hosts. Kinda funny how orderlies and therapists have no clue what's happening right beneath them.

Chris Walker (the giant chained brute) was the only unmanipulated (and arguably ''sane-est'') character in the asylum and his motivation was simply to eliminate all the potential hosts, including you. His "little piggy" line was in reference to the biblical story of Jesus casting a demon amongst the pigs and the swine's terror bringing about their own demise. Chris was attempting to save the world.

As for your severed fingers; the right index/pointer finger represents man's connection to God. It is this touch that gave him life and this connection that spiritually guides him (think Sistine chapel). The left ring finger when slipped into a ring signifies accepting and enduring a life of unknown trials. Essentially what the "secular" (according to the priest) surgeon Treager was doing is telling you: "there is no God and no unknown beyond man's existence", which drove him mad while working on Walrider.

...its all in the documents and notes scattered along the way. Fun game, but nanobots are far less chilling than boob-sucking strangle demons from Germany (Schrat).

PS: This game had %150 too many peeners and mutilated man-asses and nearly not enough chicks to constitute an entire "ward".

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@sammo21: That's a cool idea and it reminds me of what somebody suggested in the spookin' with scoops chat one night: If the game is built around a found footage conceit, why is there no option to run through the tape you've recorded through the game in a movie-like fashion? If they let you edit it and everything it could have actually been pretty cool.

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@sammo21: That's a cool idea and it reminds me of what somebody suggested in the spookin' with scoops chat one night: If the game is built around a found footage conceit, why is there no option to run through the tape you've recorded through the game in a movie-like fashion? If they let you edit it and everything it could have actually been pretty cool.

Because recording and encoding video at a reasonable resolution and framerate is very CPU intensive. It would have been neat, yes, but most people wouldn't be able to use it.

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