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If it wasn't for so many indie horror games coming out this year, I’d be willing to say this is the best of 2013. 0

Boo! Feel scared? If not, that’s because real horror is more than just cheap thrills and quick scares. Real horror has to build up atmosphere, raise the tension, and make the player feel uncomfortable and helpless. That’s what indie hit Amnesia: The Dark Descent did when it arrived in September 2010. Amnesia was more than just a fantastic horror game that, for me, overtakes Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly as the scariest game I had ever played. It was a title that opened the notion to gamers t...

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Phenomenal atmosphere outweighs some hiccups. 0

Outlast is not a fun game, but the game isn’t supposed to be enjoyable in the traditional sense. The protagonist isn’t a Cop or a Soldier, he’s just a reporter. This horror game from up and coming independent developer, Red Barrel, is about facing your fears knowing you don’t have the means to fight back. The tension is born from Outlast not granting the player any power. Instead, your only means of dealing with the homicidal psychopaths of the Mount Massive Asylum is run...

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One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest 0

One Flew Into the Cuckoo’s NestFear is the most primal of challenges. When the consequence of failure is death, triumphing over one’s own cowardice for the sake of survival is not only necessary but imperative.In gaming, the stakes are considerably lessened when a Game Over screen or checkpoint reload is the only punishment for giving into one’s fears. To really drive a horror game, developers need to immerse players enough to make them feel like they are the ones in danger, rather than their av...

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Good but not great too reptetitive and linear. 0

I liked this game but would never play it again. It's biggest downfall was the fact that you had almost no ability to interact with the environment around you besides opening and closing doors and turning some valves. The ending also was the worst ending of any video game I've ever played. For me that's why I gave it two stars. I won't spoil the ending, but it is absolutely horrible and insults the player for all there hours of time they spent trying to escape the hospital....and then well........

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Amazing 0

This game is so amazing, its just the best! This game feels like action, it is pretty different with Amnesia. I also saw those great graphics for a horror game, instead of using those regular graphics what most games have. This game is like a nightmare, but almost even for the Hardcore horror gamers!...

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Outlast Review: A Cannibal's Buffet 0

Outlast startled me no less than sixteen times during its four-hour length. Broken down, that equates to four scares per hour, or a fright every fifteen minutes. Though that number seems low compared to the constant harassment of horror entities like the Slender Man, Outlast is more meticulous with its pacing and AAA game ambitions. Developer Red Barrels maintains the minimal interface and relative helplessness of the player character central to other found footage releases, while empowering inv...

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Outlast review 0

When I stepped out of Miles Upshur’s car outside of Mount Massive Asylum I was looking down at my Dullshock 4 trying to figure out the controls I looked up at the building and saw a shadow of a person running past the window. I took a deep breath and continued walking towards the asylum. When I started to play Outlast I thought I’d run through it no problem. I had read that it was only a four to five hour trip through Mount Massive Asylum. But within ten minutes of slipping through ...

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Good fun, but lacking! 0

I went into this game looking for something to scary me, something to bring back the horrors of playing games like silent hill and resident evil when I was a child. This game hit the mark at first but feel fast after its repetitiveness of scares. It slowly became to obvious and stayed on the same track. The beginning of the game really opens it up and makes your feel like your about to dive into something that you really don't want to do. After playing for an hour or so your ready to be done wit...

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