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Outlaw Racers is a racing game in an open-world setting. The game featured a very small amount of cars and an even smaller amount of customisation options.Although there were races there were no missions so to speak of, but you recieved money for getting the police on your tail, and subsequently losing them. It was also possible to lose money, by being caught by police and being caught speeding through traffic lights. Making the car immobile would also be penlised by a cash penalty, depending on what part of the car is damaged the most. If it is something like the tires being punctured, it would be something as small as $70, whereas if it was something vital, such as the engine, it could be up to $2000.
A screenshot of a deserted road in Outlaw Racers

Chases & Traps
To make the chases somewhat more interesting, there are traps spread throughout the world. These include a hole in the middle of the road that your car can fall into, which will mean you recieve a penalty for getting caught and for your car being rendered immobile. Aswell as road traps featuring 3 police cars lined up across the road, it is impossible to drive through them which renders that road useless. The road trap was considered the hardest of all traps, due to just touching the police cars would hand you a penalty for being caught and there was a 50% chance that your engine would fail aswell. Although some consider the reason the road trap was so hard was because the game suffered from very severe draw distance failures, so it was hard to see these road blocks until you were about to be caught hurtling into them.

Races are done by accessing the car screen on the pause menu. Races do not have one set destination, but several chackpoints. Each checkpoint is split up into one of three sections, Gold, Silver or Bronze. Each one provides different amounts of money, the amounts are as follows:
Bronze  -  $100
Silver     -  $250

Gold       -  $500

Checkpoints are placed at the bottom of cul-de-sacs, which means that exploration is neccesary during races in order to find the checkpoints neccesary for victory. Victory is achieved by the racer with the most money, although there is no cash incentive for victory, on occasions victory will unlock a new car for the player to race in.

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