Overgrowth is now on Steam

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Surprised there isn't more coverage of this game on here considering it's from the same developers as Reciever.

This is a really cool game with a lot of impressive technology behind it, if you aren't already following Wolffire on youtube I really recommend it as they have a lot of really interesting content that gives a pretty good perspective into how games are made.

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This game looks really cool! I do think there should be more coverage of it around and I hope we get a quick look of it soon.

I've been looking forward to playing it but the price is putting me off. There doesn't seem like there's all that much stuff to do yet and if I look around a bit I can usually find the most expensive PC games for not much more. I'd definitely give it a go at the Chivalry price point though. I'll almost certainly get it one day though if it ever goes on sale.

EDIT: I just bought it...damn, I'm easy.

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Looks really cool! I'd prefer to wait for a more complete version, but the combat looks slick as hell.

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Oh man, Lugaru was so... just, weird in a way that I really wanted to like. Games don't go down the absolute bizarre/absurd routes enough (unless you're Zeno Clash), so I'm glad this thing still exists.

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I've had alpha access to this thing for what feels like ages. I got a free key for it as part of a cross-promotion thing with Natural Selection 2.

I only checked it out once or twice, years ago, when it was pretty much just a map editor with a single structure, a single character model, and some very basic platforming without combat or NPCs. I should probably see how things have changed.

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Maybe it now being on Early Access means this game is at least now an year out from release? :P

Game is awesome, some of the most intense melee combat I've experienced in a game. Kinda barebones right now, just maps, sandbox, arena survival stuff. The parkour maps are great.

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Battle Bunnies dun-nuh-nuh-nuh-yeaah

Seems cool, the combat style looks like what Mount & Blade should've been. Although first things first: someone better make a Redwall mod.

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Yeah I've seen footage of this game forever ago but cool it's closer. I think the physics based combat looks good here.

The animals do really give me a Redwall vibe. A Redwall game could be awesome.

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