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For you Master! 0

You know,there are only a few game in the season calandar that actually have some form of refreshing take on a known subject, and Overlord II is one of them.Sure, the first one did the same thing, and it was fairly entertaining.But what about Overlord II?Is the sequel worth a try?StoryThe story of this Overlord is just after Overlord : Minions, and you play as the son of the former Overlord.Your first mission, as a witch-boy, as you are called, is to save yourself and the people of Nordberg from...

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Fun Game That Outweighs The Flaws 2

SHORT AND SWEET: In Overlord 2 you play as a evil dude who has minions to do his evil deeds the game does have some pretty annoying issues about checkpoints and where to put them, also some camera issues however I think the atmosphere, story-line, core-gameplay and dialog more than make up for the faults of this game, to me those things are what set this game apart from the rest of the pack buy this game if you dont frustrated easily and enjoy  RPGs like Fable. LONG REVIEW SOME FACTS WITH...

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Playing with Minions never was so painful 0

Overlord II attempts to do what every sequel tries to do, create a game that is far enough from the first to make it feel like a true sequel, yet stay close enough to the source material to keep fans from the first game happy. Unfortunately it is just a little to similar to the first one in many aspects to make this game worth playing.    The main issue with Overload I was not the idea of the game, an RTS/brawler/puzzler/all of the other genres, it was the execution of the game that made it a me...

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For the overlord! 0

  You can create new weapons and armor to assist you through the game most of them having the same attack power but having very different effects, me for example i sued the evil eye helmet that  gives me 2 minion souls for every 1 you pick up,The elemental armor that gives protection from all elements.And the Scortcher, A large flame sword that starts shrubs and targets on fire when a successful blow is struck.Thats not the last armor set its just what i had, The next set up is very very har...

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O Checkpoint, where art thou? 0

Overlord II is a unique game in the FPS dominated landscape that is PS3 games library. Too bad that its flaws overshadow the uniqueness, and make this game a chore – if not torment – to play.To start with, the framerate on PS3 is rock solid 10 frames per second. At least it seems so. I'm not typically one to complain or even notice framerate problems, but this was my first note of Overlord. You get used to it, eventually, but playing is never smooth. And not only because of this.Another problem ...

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As a fan of the first game, this is a disappointment. 0

Now I was a very big fan of the first Overlord game. It was a somewhat fresh idea with an interesting storyline and an excellent script. So the other day after being awake for around 30 hours which involved a 3,000 mile plane ride full of crying babies I shuffled into Gamestop with as much excitement as I could muster in my zombie state and picked up Overlord 2. I had fond memories of the first game for being a lengthy and engaging game full of challenges and careful minion positioning before fi...

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