Custom Skins/Sprites: featuring unnamed mascot himself

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Inspired by the Bombcast this week to try some 2D work. @jeff mentioned that all the files were just open and sitting in the steam folder. I set off to attempt a pass at GiantBomb: ShotsFired theme. Taking down the other websites circling the series of tubes.

It is still a bit odd but that is some of the charm so far. I do need to go get some sleep. Not done playing around with editing Pac-mins. Does sill feel kind of crazy that it is just a classic sprite sheet.


Thanks and Credit for the Persona 4 art to @supernormalstep, and the Clock Hud created by @takua108.

Updated Maze and Sprite!

Download PacMan_GiantBomb_GoldenDuder_theme.rar

Download new five minute (re)mix of the Dubstep song. Orginal song by Hamst3r | The Hamster Alliance

You can replace any maze with this theme, when extracted the default is the Pac is Back DLC theme. Just look around some folders within \steamapps\common\PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+\data.

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And this is why game files should not be encrypted.

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Wow this is badass. I can't believe that they left all the data raw.

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I am working on The Golden Duder maze set now. :D --I will have to credit quite a few users for their persona 4 work. Including the rainmeter hud.

Edit: I only wish Ryan were able to have seen this. Would have had a laugh.

I uploaded a modified version where the website ghosts have eyes.

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This is all insane. And god damn glorious.

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This is awesome!

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Well done!

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I like the idea of giant bomb blowing up all the other gaming sites (or ghosts), nice job!

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This looks sick!

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I love everything about this. Incredible work.

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This is a thing of beauty.

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Hi rezzzzzzzzzzz

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Well, I did a little something myself.

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@alo81 said:

Well, I did a little something myself.

: D YES, oh yess!

I got a little distracted when I realized 1-1 could be created too.

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Now we just need steam workshop support.

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I love this. I don't mean in the typical ironic internet way. I mean I actually feel an overwhelming, heart warming affection for all this.

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I played the fuck out of this game on the PS3 but I think this means I have to buy it on Steam.

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@geirr: Yeah this game would be hilarious with workshop support too. Too bad; at least it still easy to mod in some ways.

Thanks for the feedback people. :D I'll go back and clean up that sprite sheet after I'm done messing with the maze it self.

Here are the some of the new backgrounds, sort of feel like trading cards. I just need to get the maze walls drawn on in some way that doesn't cover up all the art.

Playing with out the maze was hard. haha

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I've got a question for you computer nerds, regarding orientation of the icons. Is it more efficient to program in rotation for avatars, or just program it to display different icons for different directions? I would imagine having to load only one icon would be better, but maybe there's some magic going on behind the scenes I don't understand.

I guess this argument doesn't work for most of these, seeing as how the ghost avatars only move their eyes, but if we're talking about some classic Pac-Man-ass Pac-Man, what about that?

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Well done! This is amazing. I only figured it be a matter of time.

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You... are all... freaking RAD! Keep it going!

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I like how everyone has a Persona picture and an alternate with sunglasses, but Will Smith's orgasm face is just the same but flipped and with tinted glasses.

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I'm so happy we live in a world where this exists!! :-D

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Here is a guide for any one who wants to try messing with the sprites. This will help avoiding overlaps that will show up in game. Stay within the coloured boxes. I need to go back and fix my first attempt at the Giantbomb sprites.

Blank sprite map 1 pixel space between each block.
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I took a crack at making your maze skin a little easier to play with. I passed every image through a color to alpha filter and this is the final result. Could still use a bit more cleanup, but the game is much easier to play and even the file sizes are a bit tinier.

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@chazlove: awesome. Yeah it was hard to do all of them. the way I put the maze on top wasn't something I trusted to a batch process. A couple of the images need fixes. One with Rorie and the puppy is the most obvious. I fixed it earlier I'll check them all later and upload it again. Yeah I didn't bother optimizing with fireworks or anything I was in a rush. Was so surprised that I managed to do all that work in so little time.

Edit: Working on a better maze outline. I still love how your version the blue pops out its pretty nice.

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Pac-Man CE DX double dip confirmed.


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I don't even have Pacman but I want it now...

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WOW !! this is FANTASTIC :D amazing work :D

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This is incredible! Well done, the Giant Bomb community rules, I'll have to do this.

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Thanks everyone. :D

Retweeted by Jeff Gerstmann, Alex Navarro, and Dave Lang in the span of 5 mins. Amazing. Been a fun week!

Pac-Man CE DX double dip confirmed.


Muhahaha we got you now!

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Yay! Eat those ghost bombs Bomby! Bomby: Championship Edition DX+.

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You can guess what this does to Pac Man. I heard them talking about the skins on last weeks pod cast and decided to make a few changes myself.

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A bit of a fail experiment. Rendered some Gamecube models.

@super_machine said:

You can guess what this does to Pac Man. I heard them talking about the skins on last weeks pod cast and decided to make a few changes myself.

This is rad! I love the power pellet and also the way the train looks is great. I was thinking of making a Hotline Miami set. That music would be bumpin' haha. Seems to hard to properly represent the sprites so I haven't tried. Could be like a fever dream though.

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WARNING: The Fun is over, forgot to set my steam to not auto update. The latest patch locked it all up in a .dat file. I only backed up my data folder. Not the original exe.

Edit: No more leader boards for me. Went the magnet link route. To bad, there was so much potential.

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Surely the internet modding community can figure out how to unpack those DATs.

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@mithhunter55: when did it patch, just now?

That patch made the game finally not crash for me so i could play the game, but now im kinda sad still.

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Bah, great job Namco...

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Bummed I didn't buy this game then lock it up before the patch. Not sure I'd buy it without the GB mod.

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I kind of bought this to get all the music (with DLC) but now it is gone... :\ still a great game though.

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