Did the spiral leaderboard crash?

#1 Posted by Supermarius (1223 posts) -

So i was playing some Pac man CE DX and i was looking through the modes when i realized that my ranking in Spiral mode was not showing up all of the sudden. My overall rank was still the same so i knew that my score hadn't disappeared. So i reloaded the game, still no displayed spiral rank, then i cleared the cache, deleted the game and redownloaded it. Still no displayed rank. So i tried replaying some time attacks to change my rank to see if that fixed it. I beat a time attack rank and when i hit back the Spiral rankings were back, but now i was number 34 out of 540. Weird.

#2 Posted by pizzalunchables (32 posts) -

I've had a lot of leaderboard issues as well, though not your problem specifically.
I'm playing on PS3 and it seems like whenever I top an old score, it never shows up on the online leaderboards right away my old score is still the one being "graded" by the game. Anyone else have this problem? I find it rather annoying.

#3 Posted by ItBeStefYo (1096 posts) -

Had the exact same thing :/ oh well it doesnt matter that much.

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