Looking for competition.

#1 Posted by Scribbly (424 posts) -

So none of my friends have this game, and they're proving immune to my incessant nagging, so I was wondering if anyone on GB who owns this game wants to friendlist me so I have someone to beat on scores? Cheers :D My gamertag is the same as my username here.

#2 Posted by Supermarius (1223 posts) -
@Smiley26:  you can add me. Mine is:
#3 Posted by Fracture (233 posts) -

you both can add me as I will you.. my GT is fracturedorb. So far I'm 652 (as of this posting) out of the 90,000+ people on the main screen rank.

#4 Posted by Supermarius (1223 posts) -

i'm trying to go through and shave seconds off all my time trial times now. If only i were better at ghost combo. I'm 432 for total score, atm.

#5 Posted by Fracture (233 posts) -

Looks like the race here is between   Supermarius  (moody) and myself. Last I checked I finally cleared 300 and am at 288 overall, I'm sure you'll overtake me but this is the most fun I've had with a game score wise in some time. I think if it wasn't for this little rivalry I'd have stopped playing as much as I have been by now. 

#6 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5915 posts) -

add me, my gamertag is TeenageCthulhu

#7 Posted by eagle6002 (51 posts) -


#8 Posted by dontsleep (58 posts) -

add me too: need2sleep99

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