Pacman menu music for the masses!

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#51 Posted by LiquidPrince (15843 posts) -
@Hamz said:
" Allow me to get my glow stick out.... "
Here you can borrow, mine, I have plenty...
#52 Edited by anterline (73 posts) -

Such a great OST.

#53 Posted by Rayeth (1021 posts) -

I have been listening to this on loop for about an hour.  Amazing.

#54 Posted by Infininja (881 posts) -
@Brendan said:
" As someone who likes a lot of house music...this sounds like something Pauly D would play in a club.  Unoriginal, bottom of the barrel techno music.  Game still looks awesome though. "
I can't agree or disagree, but it's still fucking awesome.
#55 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -


#56 Edited by heatDrive88 (2268 posts) -
@mfpantst said:

" ok so how do I turn this into a ringtone. "

Just FYI, for all you guys who wanted this to be a ringtone or for downloa- HEY WHAT IS THIS?
#57 Posted by jakob187 (21642 posts) -

I'm pretty sure that I would be okay with this song throat fucking me.

#58 Posted by jakob187 (21642 posts) -
@xobballox said:
" CAN'T.  STOP.  BOBBING.  HEAD.  Someone please recommend very similar music for me available for download :X "
I've been listening to a lot of Deadmau5 ever since they put "Sofi Needs A Ladder" in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and a mashup of Deadmau5's "Ghosts N Stuff" and Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" in DJ Hero 2.
#59 Posted by heatDrive88 (2268 posts) -
@jakob187 said:
" I'm pretty sure that I would be okay with this song throat fucking me. "
Quoted for truth.

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