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#1 Posted by ItBeStefYo (1096 posts) -

Im about #1968 (out of about 44000)
Post your rank and see how we compare! (It tells you your rank on the main menu screen, just hover over the play game option and it should tell you)

#2 Posted by Hostile (164 posts) -

I just made top 10 on PSN with a score of 1,991,560. So happy. Also sad that I've pretty much hit the high score roof. I don't think Pac-Man C.E. ever had it this easy.

#3 Posted by Vandal (106 posts) -

RANK 1!!! .... well on the time trial (short) for championship II on ps3. Allready been knocked off first once but got it back.

#4 Posted by ItBeStefYo (1096 posts) -
@Vandal: Man! the PS3 leaderboards seem weak! Not disrespecting your skills but damn!
#5 Posted by Hostile (164 posts) -

Reached 2,006,350 but I'm in rank #18 now on PSN. Where would that rank on the 360 and how many players are playing it?

#6 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -
@Hostile said:
" Reached 2,006,350 but I'm in rank #18 now on PSN. Where would that rank on the 360 and how many players are playing it? "
you won't place top 100 on xbox with that score. top score is currently 2.15M 
i'm 1784th on xbox 360 currently.
#7 Posted by Vandal (106 posts) -
@jadeskye: Any chance you could see what the 1st poistion time is for time trial (short) on championship II on the 360? Wonder how I compare.
#8 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -
@Vandal: time trial short champ II top is currently 'Gumshoe 1974' with 4:28.45
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Edit: Just checked and I'm 19 / 42695 on PSN. Game Mode Total for all courses has me at 101,000,358 points, which is 8 million short of first place.

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@jadeskye:  Cheers, looks like I've gotta a bit of work to do. Pretty close with 4:29.34, dunno where I'm gonna find another second. 
EDIT: Just got a time of 4:28.39!! Unless Gumshoe has improved his time I'm 1st over both consoles.
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Lot more hardcore guys on the xbox i guess :S Anyway I reached about #978 out of 59000 players (I think) on the xbox. Thats having done all levels/modes (except most of darkness courses) Plus I havent really replayed a lot of levels to get higher scores (but im pretty good :D)

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Was 300/48000 on PSN, but that was before I went and improved my scores on Highway a bit (now 36th best at 10 min score attack).  Still have a handful of time trials on Half to do, as well as most of the Darkness stuff, which I haven't really touched yet. 
Edit: Improved my Highway time trials and finished the Half time trials.  Now my ranking is 212/48000. Overall ranking on Highway is my best at 45/18k.

#13 Posted by JediMcAndrew (14 posts) -
I'm sitting at 56th or so on the 5min championship II leaderboard. 
#14 Posted by amorbix (32 posts) -

I was 20th on the time trials at one point for Championship II. I'm at 67th now, but I took a picture of it. 

#15 Posted by EpicSteve (6910 posts) -

15546 on Championship II 5 min.

#16 Posted by Ethereal (93 posts) -

4011/88000 give or take a few on the overall leaderboard for the game that shows on the front page

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My overall rank on the 360 leaderboards is 288 out of 96,000+ at the moment.

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