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pretty good game... not AMAZING like some people say though.

see the title. thats how i feel... i played for about an hour... really liked it... but probably wont play it again. if your someone who plays things over and over again... then go for it... if you low on cash and have other games your interested in then i would go the other direction because playing a game for an hour on a budget sucks.

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    Proved that Pac-Man still had a lot of life in him. 0

    Even as a Pac-Man fan I never even heard of this game until about a week ago after I saw a play through of Pac-Man 256. Many people had recommended it therefore I gave it a shot, and although I don't think it's the best classic style Pac-Man game since that honor still belongs to Pac-Mania. Pac-Man Champion Edition DX is more than a decent enough time killer if racking up points for a respectable high score is your goal.The game features various modes such as a Time Attack, where the player must...

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