Pac Man Scrub League: Community Challenge.

#1 Posted by TurboMan (8247 posts) -

Do you have Pac Man fever?

Can you beat Jeff Gerstmann?

Do you like answering questions?

Then get ready for the Pac-Man Scrub League: Community Challenge!

How to participate: When it's the official time (TBD... sometime this week), everybody will play the facebook version of pac-man(the only version I know on the computer that's free and arcade-perfect). The rules are simple, you will have an hour to play. Each time you reach game over, you will take a picture of your high score and the time you got it in. This picture proves your score, and proves that it was taken during the contest. When the hour is over, upload a screenshot of your best score, and post it on twitter(or this topic) with #PacmanFever

What do you win: I have no clue! So far, pride is at stake... and if you want to contribute some prizes, please PM me.

When is this: I don't know yet... we'll discuss on this topic and see what's best for most people.

Example screenshot:

#2 Posted by TurboMan (8247 posts) -

So... do people think this could be a good/fun idea?

What times are best for people? I'm game anytime Monday - Wednesday this week.

#3 Posted by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

Monday and Tuesday are my days off, I might be around, though I've got a bike ride Monday planned, fireworks at night, I don't know about Tuesday though, mostly free.

#4 Posted by TurboMan (8247 posts) -

@TooWalrus: I think tuesday sounds good

need more opinions, community!

*crosses fingers* please don't suck on this one, community

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