Short post about Pac-Man's programming

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That's pretty nuts. Interesting how the majority of players just try to stick to and master "patterns" and are lost if they mess up the pattern. I wonder how people came up with those patterns in the first place if no one knew how to outsmart the ghosts' programming?

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That's pretty cool.  Thanks for sharing.   :)

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You just made me read through the entirety of the many details of Pac-Man. And it was awesome. Thanks

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That is an absolutely fascinating read on Pac-Man. Thanks for posting it!

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That's all kinds of awesome.  I haven't done any programming since the ass-end of QBASIC's days on this planet, but I still have a soft spot in my heart for programming articles.
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@PsEG said:
" That is an absolutely fascinating read on Pac-Man. Thanks for posting it! "
yes it is,
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@Bigandtasty:  That's a good question.  I'm pretty sure it was just through trial and error, and lore.  Spreading the word about certain patterns being more successful, then people try those patterns, find flaws, and modify the patterns, with successful patterns being passed on.  Evolution, if you will, with the patterns adapting over time.  Not sure how long Pac Man was popular enough to warrant that level of scrutiny--  I realize it's a household name even now, but it's pretty impressive to know that people stuck with it long enough to get these multi-faceted patterns down.   
There's a chance that the original programming leaked, too.  We're all pretty familiar now with the hacking community figuring out the processes behind AI's now, and a game as popular as Pac Man might have had many folks trying to figure out the inner workings of the system to win friends and influence people, but I'm not sure how much that really did occur back when it was more an elite subset who was capable of such a thing, and word of mouth would still be the most likely method for the solutions to spread anyway.

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