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Pac & Pal takes elements from Super Pac-Man, such as gates and items that must be collected to open gates, as well as a dot-free maze. The goal of the game is to eat all of the items in the level, many of which are locked behind gates that are opened by eating cards that are placed around the level. The four classic ghosts chase Pac-Man, as usual, but they can't be eaten. Instead, some items give Pac-Man additional, ghost-breaking abilities. Grabbing a Galaxian, for example, changes Pac-Man's color and allows the player to shoot Galaga-like beams out of Pac-Man's mouth, which turns them blue and makes them harmless for a brief period of time.

The goal of each level is to eat every fruit, and doing so will get you a bonus. Standing in your way is Miru, a child-like green ghost that will grab fruit and attempt to drag it back to the ghost pen at the center of the level.

Another version of Pac & Pal called Pac-Man & Chomp Chomp was also released, replacing your "pal," Miru, with Chomp Chomp, the Pac-Family's dog from the Pac-Man cartoon series.

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