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Pagus in Battle

Pagus is one of the Athlums's Four Generals, which also comprises of comrades Torgal, Blocter and Emma Honeywell. Pagus is the most intelligent of the four generals, and thus is in charge of organization and intel-gathering .

Pagus is 55 years old, and his favourite hobby of reading scripts and other historical materials certainly tells his age. Being regarded as bit of an old-fashioned person, few are eager to converse with Pagus when he droned on about his love of old books and lore.

Quest (The Rainbow Bond)

When the city Melphina beome available in the game, the player can enter the pub and get a cutscene where Pagus will encounter his long lost friend Maddox. After getting more information from the mercenary Sibal, the player will help Pagus to retrieve the ancient Remnant of Miracles, Acro Iris.

After defeating the Ancient Dragon in the Fifth Path, the player will receive the red stone, Manryn Salia.

  • Maddox and Sibal will be recruitable after the quest.
  • "The Dragonslayer" achievement will be unlocked after defeating the Ancient Dragon in the XBOX 360 version. (40 points)

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