Just started playing it...

#1 Posted by svcheats1 (141 posts) -

...what am I in for?

#2 Posted by svcheats1 (141 posts) -

ahh so that's what. mindless gunning and running. LOVE IT!

#3 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

Nothing good

#4 Posted by arcanis (11 posts) -
epic_pets said:
"Nothing good"
If by "nothing good" you mean "a treat", then yeah, you're in for nothing good.
#5 Posted by Jimbo_N (1197 posts) -

One of THE best shooters of all time. Criminally underrated. Just had to drop in and say that. Nice to see we are at least two people that likes it.

#6 Posted by Rowr (5824 posts) -

Its pretty decent. If your into the classic FPS aesthetic. Its got Physics!

I only got up to the first boss though, got impatient trying to beat him.

staking dudes to walls and other dudes is pretty awesome. The weapons are great.

#7 Posted by artofwot (22 posts) -
#8 Posted by Jimbo_N (1197 posts) -

Also, the biggest bosses ever? hmm, maybe beaten by Shadow of the Colossus, but just maybe. Or maybe im forgetting something extreme obivious wich ive been known to do. But anyway, some of the bosses are huuuuuuge.

#9 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2134 posts) -

I enjoyed it and the expansion for the game.  Its a really facepaced first person shooter with a lot of intense action and cool physics...for the time at least...

#10 Posted by Tordah (2498 posts) -

For the short amount of time I've played the game I loved it. It's like a horror/splatter version of Serious Sam with cooler weapons and better physics!

It sucks that there is no Co-op for it though. :( That's where a game of this caliber would really shine, just like the Serious Sam co-op did. How hard can it be to implement such a standard feature?

#11 Posted by Cribba (293 posts) -

This is really a new version of Quake World, wich is totally awesome. They don't make em like this anymore, being able to bunny hop crazy fast and switch weapons in an instant - I love that stuff!

It's unfortunate that there's pretty much no one playing it.

#12 Edited by PitifullPete (145 posts) -

Actually when it came out it was quite hyped in the german shooter scene, but my PC sadly couldn'y run it. I think I go back and pick it up!

update: Just got it off steam!
#13 Posted by StaticFalconar (4850 posts) -

The game is good enough to be on the FPS tournament lists, but still because of its lack of fame, most people don't give a shit unless they are in those tournaments.

#14 Posted by kmdrkul (3476 posts) -

Epic game.  The Asylum level was one of the most awesome levels I've ever played in any game. 

#15 Posted by yorro (558 posts) -

I'm usually in for the story, which this game has none. Anyway good game.

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