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 The Celestial Brush being used in Okami.
Paint appears commonly in video games as a substance colouring the walls of environments, however paint appears in many other capacities as well. In the Okami games players use a power called the Celestial Brush to freeze time and paint symbols across the screen which have special effects in gameplay. Disney's Epic Mickey takes part entirely inside a painted world where Mickey can use paint to build aspects of the world around him. The de Blob games take place in a world devoid of color, where the character de Blob aims to repaint the world and restore colour to it. In the Jet Set Radio games players control characters in a roller-skating gang who use spray paint to graffiti a futuristic version of Tokyo, similarly Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is about reclaiming New York through the use of spray paint graffiti. The independently developed game Tag: The Power of Paint used paint as a fundamental gameplay tool which players could use to change the properties of the environment around them and eventually became the inspiration for the gel mechanics found in Portal 2.
There have been a considerable number of games about paintballing, the practise of simulated combat which involves using capsules full of paint instead of real bullets. Some developers have chosen to use paintballing instead of real combat due to the fact that it generally leads to a lower age rating for the game, although these paintball games have been generally poorly received.
Some games refer to the process of customising a character's clothing as painting, and some games have even let players customise their environments with paint, such as those in the The Sims franchise.

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