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Leeroy is an undead paladin of the Way of White. The descriptions for his weapon and armor suggest that he was a legendary warrior of the covenant who became undead many years ago.

Leeroy can be summoned to aid the player against the Pinwheel boss battle provided the player is in human form. His summon sign is located at the bottom of The Catacombs in the room with the Skeleton Wheels. It can be found after passing through the hallway with the Demon Statue.

Later, after placing the Lordvessel and dispelling the yellow fog in the Tomb of the Giants, Leeroy will invade the player's world. Killing him will net three humanity and his weapon and shield. His armor can be found in Nito's domain.

Through item descriptions and the dialog of other NPCs, it can be inferred that Leeroy was sent to Lordran to recover the Rite of Kindling, a secret and sacred rite which allows bonfires to be kindled beyond their normal limit. It appears that he aids the player in defeating Pinwheel to claim the rite for himself only to invade the player's world afterwards in an attempt to kill them and steal it back.

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