What do you like on them?

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#1 Posted by Hooded (492 posts) -

I like ice cream :) Try it, you'll love it.What about you?

#2 Posted by uniform (1836 posts) -

and of course syrup.

#3 Edited by BlatantNinja23 (928 posts) -

normally I do strawberries and some kind of cream. Though I do love some chocolate chips.

#4 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1330 posts) -

Blueberries and granola.

#5 Posted by Ragdrazi (2258 posts) -

Shame and bitter tears.
You know, like mom used to make.

#6 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3346 posts) -


#7 Edited by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Maple syrup and butter, not very original I know.

Anyone tried the Japanese take on pancakes? My girlfriend made some for me and they are delicious, really, really filling. Super thick as well.

I was full after one and a half!

#8 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

A little bit of butter and THAT'S IT. Pancakes should be good enough on their own merits.

#9 Posted by iAmJohn (6166 posts) -

I'm a purist. Only maple syrup for me. The only time I'll have fruit with my pancakes is if they're baked into the batter.

Man, I could really go for some blueberry pancakes with that blueberry maple syrup I have right about now.

#10 Posted by Enigma777 (6237 posts) -

A broken heart.

And nutella.

#11 Posted by BeachThunder (13282 posts) -


#12 Posted by SuperSambo (3037 posts) -

Anything other than sugar is too much, and even then only a small amount of sugar is needed.

Oh, and sausages.

#13 Posted by ESREVER (2830 posts) -

Nothing. Plain. I prefer to eat them like a finger food I guess.

#14 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

More pa-

@BeachThunder said:




The hell's the Japanese take on pancakes? The only things I know about Japanese cuisine are the really nerdy things about Japanese cuisine.

#15 Posted by wonko33 (23 posts) -

maple syrup on BUCKWHEAT pancakes

#16 Posted by fox01313 (5176 posts) -

Butter & maple syrup maybe with some crumbled crispy bacon pieces or fruit (blueberry or strawberry). Tried other toppings & didn't care for them.

#17 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

Chocolate chips, blueberries, and/or maple syrup.

#18 Posted by plainplease (200 posts) -

C - hocolate chips

B - ananas

S - yrup

(get it?)

terrible joke

#19 Edited by BabyChooChoo (5387 posts) -

Strawberries and syrup. If for any reason you ever need to bribe me, know that that's the quickest way to an answer.

If you're dressed up in a Felicia costume while holding the pancakes, I'll fucking tell you before you even ask.

#20 Posted by James_Giant_Peach (756 posts) -


Of maple syrup.

#21 Posted by Linkster7 (1099 posts) -

Vanilla ice cream. And berries lots of berries.

#22 Posted by ckeats (496 posts) -

Butter and syrup at home.

At restaurants I get a tower of fruit and whipped cream with a pancake underneath.

#23 Posted by Milkman (17996 posts) -

Maple syrup and butter.

And chocolate chips on the inside.

#24 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:

The hell's the Japanese take on pancakes? The only things I know about Japanese cuisine are the really nerdy things about Japanese cuisine.

Well they are called hotcakes and the ones I had, had more filling than the pancakes I've had in the US and England. I think one key difference is they use raising flour instead or something? Because they are fucking phat.

#25 Posted by xMP44x (2227 posts) -
@Ravenlight said:

A little bit of butter and THAT'S IT. Pancakes should be good enough on their own merits.

This. 100% this. A pancake can stand on its own merits, and its merits are enhanced with some butter. For extra pancake-y goodness, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds or on a grill or something (you can tell I know lots about making food) so the butter melts a little. Then eat. I used to like pancakes with sugar and lemon juice. While nice it isn't really to my taste now.
#26 Posted by Alphazero (1640 posts) -

Maple syrup, but they have to be buttermilk pancakes... or if I can't find buttermilk, then a bit of regular milk plus yogurt. 
I had this nightmare that somebody bought all of the pancakes I love and I couldn't eat them anymore, but it turned out all the same ingredients were there along with some new (very expensive) ones and the pancakes were even better than before.  

#27 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -


So they're like fuller pancakes? That's not what Wikipedia said (they're like regular pancakes, only you can put whatever the fuck you want in them).

#28 Posted by GeekDown (1173 posts) -

Strawberry or raspberry jam with cream is what I grew up on, but ever since I first tried maple syrup it's been my favorite. Applesauce is pretty great too.

#29 Edited by Sooty (8195 posts) -

@Video_Game_King said:


So they're like fuller pancakes?

The ones I had were, it was kind of like eating 6 of the pancakes you get in McDonald's, but from eating 1 and a half!

#30 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

Syrup and butter. That's all.

#31 Edited by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -

I'm boring. I like my pancakes with maple syrup. If I have any fruit, I got with strawberries or bananas.

.... or waffles.

#32 Posted by louiedog (2381 posts) -

It depends on the pancakes. I like lots of stuff, like syrup, fruit, whipped cream, etc. Now, when I make pumpkin pancakes the correct topping is syrup and chopped pecans.

#33 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

@Hooded said:

I like ice cream :) Try it, you'll love it.What about you?

Wow, I just did and I <3 you now.

#34 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1014 posts) -

Get me some chocolate chips and some maple syrup and I am a happy man with pancakes.

#35 Posted by Robot_Sneakers (418 posts) -

I like them with maple syrup and butter. And when I'm in the mood some peanut butter and jelly, it's filling and delicious.

#36 Posted by CyborgDuo (123 posts) -

Polly's Pancake Parlor in northern New Hampshire has the best pancakes. Hands down. Too many choices to list.

#37 Posted by MooseyMcMan (12010 posts) -

I like them raw.

#38 Posted by Bwast (1376 posts) -

The tears of orphaned children.

#39 Posted by Chop (2010 posts) -

Strawberry Jam and maybe some peanut butter too <3

#40 Posted by Aronman789 (2737 posts) -

The rotting remains of my broken heart.

#41 Posted by HarlequinRiot (1092 posts) -

Butter, strawberry jelly and maple syrup. But I'm also not a huge pancake fan.

#42 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

If I had a bed made out of stacked pancakes, I'd love a fine woman on them. Just saying.

#43 Posted by Pudge (1059 posts) -

Butter is the only way.

#44 Posted by SuperTess (152 posts) -

Butter and syrup, that's it.

#45 Edited by EquitasInvictus (2067 posts) -

I'm all about that blueberry compote life!

#46 Edited by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

On them? Butter and nothing else, you hedonistic devils.

In them? Sign me up for some secret chocolate chips.

#47 Posted by donfonzie (237 posts) -

Cream and Honey.

#48 Posted by donfonzie (237 posts) -

Cream and Honey.

#49 Posted by JasonR86 (10027 posts) -

Butter and maple syrup. Anything else is fucking blasphemy as far as I'm concerned.

#50 Posted by Bane122 (909 posts) -

Shitload of butter, little bit of syrup.

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