Chain Strengthening and Tactical Handbook items

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I know there aren't many Westerners yet who have the game, but I have a question. The Tactical Handbook (Not sure if that's what it's called in English, I'm playing the German version and I've just directly translated that term) will raise your stats but I'm not sure if it's permanent or not. It's used like any regular item, and I only bought one once without saving right before it so I couldn't go back to test it out. What makes me believe that it might in fact be permanent is that it costs 5,000 Leot... which is pretty pricey. I just didn't really check and compare my stats because I levelled right after I used it and didn't want to load a very far back save.

Anyone also wondering this or know the answer?

I bought a Chain Strengthening potion... which turned out to be a really shitty 10 second gauge maxing potion. So I don't want to buy another tactical Handbook only to realize the stats go away...

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Pretty close translation in the english version it's called the Tactical Manual.

Anyways, yeah I was playing with it watching the different stats to try and figure out what it did and if it's permanent. The answer is yes it is, as for what's it raises, it gives you experience towards your next level.

This game could seriously do with some more detailed information on the different items, they're simply too vauge sometimes.

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