First Pandora's Tower trailer.

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Remember that Wii game Nintendo announced with a picture of a woman's tattooed back? Neither did I until I saw this. It's the game's first trailer, and it looks like it's a Devil May Cry-style action game. What little the video shows off looks pretty cool... I'm looking forward to seeing more.

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Is this for the PS2? What is up with those cutscenes and character models?

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What's up is that it's a Wii game not being developed by Nintendo.

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Interesting. I'm down if it plays more like DMC then like GOW.

Who is developing it then? The game doesn't seem to have an English wikipedia page and the developer is blank on here.

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You know what, scratch that. It is bring developed by Nintendo... but only partly. The dudes who made Jump Super Stars and Jump Ultimate Stars for Nintendo DS are co-developing.

Still, a Nintendo game that's not Wii-branded (Wii Sports, Wii Party et cetera) having graphics this rough? Did not expect that.
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I don't see what is so rough about the graphics. The models actually look quite good to me. I guess some of the ground textures don't look to hot, but, yeah. Maybe I am just naive in graphics criticism.

Or by rough do you mean not cartoon-y?

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It's primarily the textures.

I just read that the next issue of Famitsu will have more details, so look forward to that.
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We have a Famitsu leak.

  • It's an action RPG.
  • The main weapon is a chain. You can use it to swing around enemies, trigger stuff in the environment et cetera.
  • The protagonist is called Ende and the story focuses on a cursed girl called Ceres. The only way to lift the curse it to gather beast flesh.
  • The game will be released in Japan May 26.
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Mechanically, it looks promising, as long as it rewards skill and timing and isn't mashy (as so many action RPGs tend to be). The presentation is a bit shit but that can be forgiven.

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Interesting, but still not too much to go on.  The Wii could certainly use a DMC-style action title, though.

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looks like DMC

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The story of Pandora's Tower takes place on the continent of Graecia, in the realm of Elysium, and will be centered around two characters, Ende, a young man of 22 years, and Ceres, a pretty singer, aged 15 years elected to the festivals of the monsoon. While Ceres is about to sing, a creature pops up suddenly, obviously carries a curse. Ceres was found moments later by Ende, unconscious. She is about to be taken by the army, to reflect on this strange creature, but with the help of a merchant named Graia, she manages to escape and they both come to a tower isolated. There, they realize that Ceres is a seal left by the beast, and break the curse, Ende must collect the flesh of the Guardians live in this tower. 

This old soldier will receive the Graia chain Orichalcum before entering the tower. It is with this equipped weapon that Ende will grow. He's used to fights of course, but also some mechanisms to activate or bind his enemies to steal their flesh. The chain will also monitor the health of Ceres, a timer indicating how long the cursed girl has left. 

Here's hoping it's a quality product that Nintendo brings over, in addition to Xenoblade and The Last Story.
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It looks 2.5D to me.

At least I don't see the character leave the plane in any of the gameplay shots.

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@Hailinel said:
" Interesting, but still not too much to go on."
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@ProfessorEss said:
" It looks 2.5D to me.
At least I don't see the character leave the plane in any of the gameplay shots.

I didn't see it either. You could be right, 
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@ProfessorEss said:
" It looks 2.5D to me.
At least I don't see the character leave the plane in any of the gameplay shots. "
If you look at the camera angles and the environments, it doesn't really seem like it's a 2.5D game. I think it's extremely unlikely.
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A new trailer...

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The game scored 31 / 40 in Famitsu Magazine

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Someone posted the first hour of it:

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