Pandora's Tower coming to Europe.

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Xenoblade's localization has been known for a while, The Last Story was confirmed for Europe a couple of days ago, and now it looks like we of the Old World are getting Pandora's Tower as well. Very cool.
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any chance that 3 games will release to usa?

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Good news. The game received a score of 7/7/9/8 in Famitsu Weekly if I recall correctly, which isn't bad at all when you consider the reviewers who gave it 7's aren't fans of the genre. 
Strike 3 - the US appear to be in the process of being royally fucked over.
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Unlike Xenoblade and TLS, everything I've seen of this game makes it look like the worst thing ever. Its from a pretty mediocre dev. on top of that.

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This is great news and all but i'll be personally happy when they come to North America.

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I live in North America.

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