Pandora's Tower control info + screenshots.

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The game will have Classic Controller support. Also, here's some information about what you'll be able to do with the chains seen in the trailer:
  • Pull flesh of enemies.
  • Restrain enemies to allow for easier attacks with other weapons.
  • Use enemies as weapons by swinging them around.
  • Latch on to walls and swing around.
  • Activate switches.
If you play with a Wiimote, you'll be able to directly control the chain via arm motions.

Also, the game is apparently an "exploration-style action RPG". Metroidvania, perhaps?

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Hmmm... I dunno man... I got extremely excited for The Last Story, but that turned out to be a total letdown from what I've heard, so I'm a little reluctant to get excited about another Wii RPG (thing is, for me to play a Japanese Wii RPG, it actually has to be worth importing the console for -- and then I wouldn't even have the ability to play English games unless I can make it region free through some modding magic). Not to mention how I'm just not a big fan of 3D whip/chain-action games (can't stand God of War and and anything that resembles it -- way too slow for my tastes).

At least it's been confirmed that this is a true action RPG rather than a "hold A to auto attack" game, so we're off to a good start. The game also received a C-rating (15+) rather than the A-rating (all ages) or B-rating (12+) that most RPGs get (including stuff like the MegaTen series), so here's hoping for something with a darker tone to it, but it's probably only because you get to pull flesh off enemies.

Either way, I do have some interest in it as hack 'n' slash RPGs are my favorite genre, so I'll be sure to keep an eye on it.

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Interesting. We'll see. These games have to come out here before we can make a proper assessment, you can't rely on the the reception of Japanese gamers and their videogames media.

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@Axersia said:
" Hmmm... I dunno man... I got extremely excited for The Last Story, but that turned out to be a total letdown from what I've heard "
Really? I thought it looked really cool. Where did you hear it wasn't good?

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