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Title screen.

Panic Restaurant (JP: "Wanpaku Kokkun No Gourmet World", or Naughty Cook-kun's Gourmet World) is an NES platformer released by Taito. It is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer with a food theme. It was released late in the NES's life and is thus one of the rarer games on the system.


Ohdove's parasol express.

All is going well for a Chef named Cookie when a rival chef named Ohdove steals away Cookie's restaurant. To get it back, Cookie must battle hordes of sentient carrots, kabobs, hot dogs, and other food items.



To crush the cavalcades of culinary critters, Cookie cooks up a cacophony of carnage with his chef tools of the trade, including a frying pan, spoon, fork, and dishes.

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