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after reading the dreamcast article on the site, i thought about panzer dragoon. i owned a saturn but never got the chance to play panzer dragoon saga. have any of you played it? how was it? copies are fetching high prices on ebay, and i've thought about buying an old saturn just to play it.  
gametap owns the rights to publish the game, but they don't see much demand for it. perhaps, if people who've played the game could talk it up a bit, hopefully we could get it released in some way.  gametap opened a forum on their site in may to gauge demand.  
also, joystiq has been pressing for a release with a survey.  
sega says it's lost the source code, but hopefully, a company will release an emulated version or something.  

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only panzer dragoon game I played was Panzer Dragoon Orta on Xbox.  
Perssonally Id rather Sega release new Jet Set Radio, or a new Shenmue before this.  
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I still own my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga, but my Saturn is dead.  Also got Orta on Xbox 1 and 2 on Saturn.  I never really got too into the games.  To an extent I don't even see what people like about em, although Saga seemed to have a lot of interesting depth.
I too would rather see a Jet Set Radio or Shenmue over Panzer Dragoon, but I REALLY like JSR and Shenmue.

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Buy it, then resell it after you play it, there's minimal risk honestly, if you don't pay some insane price noone else will be willing to offer.
The game certainly deserved more attention/sales than it got, alas the Saturn was on its last legs at the time. Blissful experience.
Orta-only players can catch up to the backstory from this excellent fan website explaining the setting and outlining the story of the previous games, including Saga (so don't read that if you intend to play it, which you should). It also has a story synopsis of Orta for old school fans who didn't play that one due to a lack of an Xbox, or simply because they weren't too interested in it (I finished it, but didn't think it's on par with Zwei).

  Check out some of the soundtrack on the tube as well, amazing, amazing stuff all throughout this game. Re-release/sequel, SEGA!
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jet set radio rocked. i couldn't get into shenmue.  
orta was one of the reasons i bought an xbox. i thought it was amazing that sega would allow another game in the series to be unlocked in it.  
i'm going to have to find a sega saturn somehow. 

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Orta was pretty amazing, and I only wish that I had a Saturn when Saga came out.  
JSRF Shenmue II, Gunvalkyrie FTW. My favorite days of Sega were definitely from their Xbox days. My god they released some gems.

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oo gunvalkyrie. that's the one i was trying to remember. i remember a review of the game that totally bombed on it. it ended up being a cool game with a metroid type atmosphere. that last boss was hard as hell.

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I wish they had finished GunValkyrie for the Dreamcast instead of the Xbox... It was actually going to be controlled with the SEGA lightgun and a controller together, a remote + nunchuck combo long before Nintendo ever considered the design. SEGA's always been so ahead of their time...

But yes, it turned out a great game itself, with a unique and AWESOME control scheme. Reviewers simply sucked at it, and slammed it.

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 @Al3xand3r said:

" turned out a great game itself, with a unique and AWESOME control scheme. Reviewers simply sucked at it, and slammed it. "

I don't remember anybody hateing the game? Every major review I read was really good.
It is a hell of a game & I feel privileged to own a copy, because not everybody can. For those who haven't played it & probably never will I recorded a full play through & put it up on YouTube a while ago. Here's the playlist URL,
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Try the GamePro (it wasn't considered the antichrist back then I believe) review for example. Other magazines slammed it also. I had no online access at the time, nor did I read Xbox centric magazines, but the general perception I was seeing was people disliking it.

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Panzer Dragoon anything is amazing. It's the one reason I am considering (eventually) getting a used Saturn. I won't be buying Saga though, because 200+ bucks for any game is absurd. 
But hey, if I can get Thracia 776 for 30 dollars, then anything is possible. It always pays to occasionally check on ebay.
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You can always try to get a good deal then resell it after playing, perhaps even at a profit.

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