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Panzerfaust rocket system
The Panzerfaust 3 is an RPG launcher from Germany that has the same name as its famous WW2 cousin. This weapon is designed for the rocket warheads to destroy bunkers and vehicles. This is a heavy weapon, it weighs when loaded between 12.6 kg up to 14,3 kg second the warheads the weapon have. This weapon unlike most RPG launchers doest reload by changing the rocket.
Panzerfaust 3 consists of two basic parts:
A round of ammunition, pre-loaded into disposable launching tube / barrel, and reusable fire control and sighting unit. Before use, the loaded round is attached to the sight / fire control unit, aimed and fired. After discharge, the empty barrel is removed from fire control unit and discarded, and a new round can be loaded and fired. 
The ammunition system is a fully integrated system that consists of a rocket system and a countermass releasing system fully built in the tube. This allow people to use the launcher in confined spaces.

Dynarange folded

PZF 3 Fire control unit
The weapon Features different sighting systems, it has a simple scope, nightvision systems and of course a dynarange computerized scope, the scope features a laser range finder to help the gunner with the ballistics.



In games sometimes the launcher is pretty realistic, but in some others it works like an RPG 7, we shoot the rocket and load the rocket in the front. this is the case of XIII who doesn't make the weapon acting realistically.

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