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Gunstar Heroes

Dance Papaya Dance!
Papaya Dance is an early boss from Gunstar Heroes found in the Ancient Ruins stage. It's a towering plant that looks like an asparagus. While it never attacks the player directly, it constantly shoots balloon shaped spores that float to the ground. It also launches a giant egg that spawns a crawling ant that advances toward the player. Shooting Papaya Dance causes it to whip from side to side giving it the appearance that it's dancing.

Gunstar Super Heroes

Papaya Dances Again
Papaya Dance returns as the first boss on Moon 1 in Gunstar Super Heroes. It's design has changed but it uses the same attacks as its first appearance. It shoots spores shaped like balloons and launches a giant egg that spawns a caterpillar-like enemy. A new ability it has involves sinking into the ground to become a smaller target but more vulnerable to melee attacks.

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