Paper Mario

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Judging from the pictures it would appear to be a brand new game. It doesn't have partners in the overworld, there's a chain chomp partner, and two areasI don't recognize. I think it's safe to say that this is a brand new Paper Mario adventure.  

So then, think it'll be any good? SPM was kinda crap storywise, who's to say they regained their touch?  Maybe it's just the part of me that doesn't want to drop atleast 180 dollars for a Paper Mario game, but I think it may not come out as great as previous PaperMario games have. Still, a portable Paper Mario is what I've wanted for the last few years, only I wanted it on the DS.
Also, not that it matters, but I believe it'll be in 3D judging from this picture in which a Goomba flies into the foreground for no reason, something that only happens in Donkey Kong Country and 3D stuff.

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That title is kind of ironic. 

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Super Paper Mario is one of my favourite WII titles.
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@Skytylz said:
" That title is kind of ironic.  "
It would actually make the effect noticeable instead of just only when you are turning around.

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