Stuck in Sticker Star

#1 Posted by insouciant (710 posts) -

I've beaten the game now, but has anyone gotten stuck in this game? I did at the Enigmansion because I couldn't find the last Boo. Also in the Shy Guy Jungle I couldn't figure out how to cross over the last man-eating flower in time. I had to go online for help :-(

#2 Posted by GunslingerPanda (4929 posts) -

I got stuck a bunch until I just stopped playing. The game sucks way too much to justify the amount of effort required.

#3 Posted by Salarn (469 posts) -

@insouciant: Is it the one in the court yard? Did you knock out the window and go outside?

#4 Posted by insouciant (710 posts) -

@Salarn: No, it was the one in the clock that you have to hit with a hammer.

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