Which partner-types would you like to see the most?

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#51 Posted by Lady_of_the_patriots (73 posts) -

@BisonHero: I don't think its that unbelievable. A lot of game companies do simple "concept" box arts before the game has alot of details out on it.

Plus also It makes senses since their all made of paper and just taped to the box.

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 This is the one partner in Paper Mario Sticker Star. It is not a member of an existing enemy race like most of the great partners from the first two games, instead being a weird talking crown like the weird unlikable partners from Super Paper Mario. If you had hopes of them doing cool things with the partners by figuring out the right race, thinking up a cool personality and finding a natural way to fit them into chapters stop. They're not doing that.  Instead you get this.
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A shyguy that isn't shy!

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