captaincool246's Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo 3DS) review

Very Enjoyable Adventure!

This is my first true Paper Mario purchase and experience on my own (played a few minutes of the first on N64 at a friends place back in the day) and i have to say it's amazing! This game is unique as it tries to blend an RPG battle system with an adventure game and while some fans of the traditional game might not like this change i feel it works smooth and clean and adds some strategy to the adventure. Many traditional Paper Mario themes still hold in place such as the comedic dialoge,a world that not only looks like paper and cardboard but responds like it as well and lovable characters to encounter. Some things have been left out that are considered staples for the series however such as Badges,a leveling system and partners. The graphics and Gameplay are smooth and crisp Mario moves through the environment very well and the new sticker attack system while challenging at times to master feels very fun,satisfying and innovative. There are a few areas however that i'm not a fan of such as puzzles that rarely leave any subtle hint's,difficult trial and error block timing if you don't know the enemies attack patterns, and some difficult sticker attack timing to memorize. Overall though i think this is a wonderful game that's worth the time and effort and a very enjoyable adventure that challenges the player at times but delivers on fun factor and replay value.


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