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jRPG done right! 0

Ok, I admit it, I used to be a Nintendo fanboy. Whenever there was talk of PS2 or Dreamcast, I'd would tout the benefits of my crusty old N64 (no load times). However, when the Gamecube was released I quickly became disillusioned with Nintendo. I didn't want Luigi to vacuum up ghosts or for Mario to be spraying water on sludge. I didn't want Fox to leave his Arwing and I just wasn't into Pikmin or Animal Crossing. So by 2004, I was firmly in the Xbox's camp believing in Halo 2's hype hook, line ...

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Paper Mario is, without doubt, the best Mario game ever created! 0

 Let's start with a small prologue: I do not usually review well-known games, as I feel most players already know that it's solid. This is an exception, because this game deserves all the attention it can get. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (TTYD) is an RPG that sets Mario in search for the 7 Crystal Stars. He needs those so he can thwart the plans of Grodus and his gang of baddies. These weird moon critters have taken Princess Peach hostage and are looking for the Crystal Stars, so ...

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Paper Mario is one of the best games for the Cube. 0

If you're familiar with Mario RPG for the SNES, Mario and Luigi for the GBA or DS, or Paper Mario for the N64, then you should know what to except from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. I had a ton of fun with Paper Mario. This is one of the funniest game I've played as well. My only complaints are no voice overs and the train level. The train level went on for way to long and you had to keep talking to the same people for hours. Other than that, almost a perfect RPG to play if you're sick ...

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Oustanding and worth every second 0

Game play: Paper mario is one of the best mario games available for the gamecube the gameplay is whats more interesting because the characters and the game itself is made out of paper and you can even transform into a paper airplane and you can fly around for a couple of seconds there is also tube mode with that you can roll around in small places. And you can also fold in a thin piece of paper to go in wall cracks and allot of secret places.. As you go on the missions you get objects called cry...

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Innovative and fun as hell 0

If you've played Paper Mario, or the Mario RPG games for Gameboy Advance, SP, this one follows the same formula. Mario fans will really enjoy this game. On the surface, the game does not look very deep, but it is. There are plenty of items to collect, and many things to do. More importantly, this game is loooong. It is just a very well crafted RPG with awesome and plentiful puzzles, great "paperish" graphics, and Mario themes all the way through. Despite being awesome, there are a couple of pro...

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Paper Mario: TTYD - the good and the bad 0

kbd here to tell you the good and the bad of TTYD in as few words as possible. ;)The good:+ 10 - 20 hours approx. single player mode augmented by optional challenges and side-quests + charming and genuinely funny+ good artistic design (graphics and sound) + good characterisation and story+ terrific turn-based combat system The bad:- bosses tend to be easy - lots of dialogue - lots of backtracking ...

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One of my Favorite Games of all Time. 0

This game is very,very fun and if you have not played it yet. Then stop reading and take out your GameCube and play one of the most charming games ever made. Part of what i love about this game is its simplicity, there is still plenty of Badges (different pieces of loot that affect various things) and items to collect but what it comes down to is using the right moves at the right time.Now as for the story there's not much to it but obviously more than the average Mario game Sir Grodus takes Pri...

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Just because I'm a JPRG doesn't mean I can't have fun! 0

The opening statement to this review should clue you in on my hatred for the house of Hironobu Sakaguchi and all its shabby, unkempt denizens. Let's face it the RPG in Japan as we know it is in dire need of revival and/or renovation, with overindulgent cutscenes, overly complicated battle mechanics, and an unwieldy length that would rival any Final Fantasy delay. These traits are all commonly shared between modern JRPG's, and the sad thing about these games is their unwillingness to grow beyond ...

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One of the Great RPGs 0

    Let me start by saying that the original Paper Mario was what got me seriously into games. I had played some pokemon before that, but I had never been a serious gamer. Paper Mario as a series has captivated me with it's unique art style, humorous writing, and powerful gameplay. The Thousand Year Door is no different.     The story starts as Mario gets a letter from Princess Peach, who has found a treasure map and wants him to meet her at a distant town called RoguePort. Well, the Princess ge...

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Behold the Power of Paper 0

When you think of paper what comes to mind? If its not a vibrant and colorful world, inhabited by bizarre and wacky characters then I’m afraid you don’t know anything about the wonders of paper.Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is an RPG staring everyone’s favorite plumber, Mario. Are hero is once again on a quest to save the princess, whose goal in life is to hold the record for most consecutive abductions (at this rate poor Zelda will never catch up). This may seem to be an uninspired start,...

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Paper Mario TTYD is an AMAZING game. It's my favorite of the Paper Mario series and even if you don't like it you gotta admit it's pretty damn clever.GAMEPLAY-  If you read my Paper Mario review (N64) you probably know the gameplay but, if you didn't well:There is 2 sections of game: the overworld and the battle station place whatever the hell you wanna call it.  in the overworld you solve puzzles, talk to people, collect items and badges, and advance the story further. During battles as in any ...

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