Cant play game without minimizing in few seconds

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I bought the game than started it and immediately after dozen of clicks the game minimizes to my desktop like alt tabbing, the problem only appears to be happening when I left click and the longer I am in the game for the worse it gets meaning 1 left click will minimize the game. Is their any way to play this game without the mouse? I doubt my problem is fixable. I tryed reinstalling and the problem still persists.

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That's a really weird bug. Do you have some kind of special mouse?

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You can force it to run in windowed mode to see if this fixes things - it's in the in-game options.

If you had a multi-monitor setup I would say that the game thinks the mouse is going off-screen outside of its boundaries onto the other monitor and hence minimises when you click outside the game window. I didn't have this issue with Papers, but have with some others. I use a program called Cursor Lock for these.

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I found solution to the problem

I went to my Steam folder > steamapps > common > papers please

Than I right clicked papersplease.exe and opened properties,

Went to compatibility tab than ran it with windows XP service pack 2

and checked disable visual themes,

hopes this helps some people like me

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