Is there a bug forum?

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I tried to find a bug forum, but failed. Can anybody tell me, where it is?

Bugs are:

At the mission, where you can find the smugglers, it is still possible to get a warning/fee, when scanning the person (finding out he comes from kor-whatever and then pressing scan) and still give him/her a positive stamp on the passport. Give him back the papers then and send him into prison. When the next person arrives, you get a message from the secret service.

At one of the last missions, where you have to find out about forged stamps, i found out, it was a forged stamp, highlighted both (the stamp from my passport and from his passport) and still got the message, that everything is right. Then the person got trough and i got a message/warning/fee because i let a person through with a faked stamp.

And a general thing: bribing is too cheap. Where is the reward in a bribing, when the winnings are this low? 5 Dollar, when you have to pay by not finding out the mistage in a person. The sense behind bribing is, that the winning by doing it is HIGHER then the price you have to pay. In a society, where bribing is not charged with prison/fees, everybody does it, because the winning is higher then the loss (by going to jail, paing a fee, whatever). Why should i pass a guy, getting 5 Dollars and then have to pay 5 Dollars by letting him through? There is no sense.

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I'm not sure why you posted this to a random game forum. The best way to contact the dev is probably directly through Twitter. He's @dukope on there.

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Thanks, but i have no twitter, and on his page is no contact possibility.

Doesn´t matter, if the dev don´t want any other contact-possibility, he most possible want to be left alone.

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