Papers, Please: Multiplayer

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  • Added pressure of having to out perform others, or face exile.
  • The worst performer at the end of the day is eliminated.
  • Once out, the player then becomes a person in the line, able to forge their papers as they see fit. (Must make equal amount of passes through each of the remaining player's checkpoints)

Could be pretty neat/this is completely ridiculous.

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wait is this real?

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Actually looking at the info on this & seeing the quick look, seems quite interesting. Maybe not eliminate the people who are the worst performers but if they do not have enough money for rent/food/heat then they are put into the line to live with family. That way people have a fighting chance to get back & out perform the rest.

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Not every game needs multiplayer.

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I agree that not all games need multiplayer, but it would be kind of neat to either have a competitive mode like the picture or even a versus where one person runs the booth and the others are trying to trick the guy in the booth. Either way, this game is fantastic regardless!

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So does this game go longer than 9 days now or whatever it used to be? Or is that just what the game is.

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Dude, I'm still trying just to get the game to work

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@sackmanjones: It's extended out quite a bit from the original demo.

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Not every game needs multiplayer.

I think this sentiment applies more to 'Bioshock Infinite doesn't need team deathmatch'. I thought this idea could be kinda neat. Please don't be so mean to me :(

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A Tetris multiplayer-style game of Papers, Please sounds cool. I would play that game.

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@audiobusting: Yes! This could totally happen. Perhaps even as DLC for the existing game.

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If you've got several people in the room, Papers, Please is great for 'cooperative multiplayer' -- you could see some of this going on during the quick look. 'Okay, I'll sit at the computer and spread out the documents as soon as I can. I'll check the stuff on the passports; you check the work permits; you check the identity supplements. Shout if you see something. Glory to Arstotzka.'

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I'm under enough stress as it is. My hair might turn grey if Lucas added this.

@jasonleeson Free DLC I hope...

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