So... About the Ending to the game itself (SPOILERS, Inevitably)

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I just completed the game 2 days ago and have been pondering the ending. I'll give you some context as to what I am pondering:

I was playing the game while my girlfriend was over. Her father died from alcohol poisoning when she was in the 5th grade, needless to say, her father abused alcohol frequently. She wanted to see what the game was about and how accurate of an allegory it was. She had teared up by the ending, in particular at the cable car scene where "Monster" sits on the cardboard boxes looking disgusted with himself. She said that it was brutally accurate and brought back some harsh memories. But the ending pissed her off in a big way. She interpreted pushing Monster into the cyclone as "leaving your father to die and ignoring him." I just wanted some thoughts on the ending, to see if people agree or disagree, or if they can present another point about the ending.

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I think her thoughts in the ending are the same that I had. I enjoyed it but could see why someone would see it that way. Yeah the cable car scene had my girlfriend close to tears as well

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@thatguywiththedeepvoice: I took it as representing that step of letting go of control. The alcoholism I've seen and heard about is a disease that, while it can be lessened and, if the alcoholic is willing, ending in a sense with sobriety, it never truly goes away.

I saw Papo as an unrepentant alcoholic. He drank. He hurt people. He was not looking to change. Quico choosing to abandon him was a choice to give Quico a chance at a meaningful, satisfying life rather than one wrapped up in abuse and trying to help something he could not.

I think there's a cruelty to the ending. Feeding Papo booze and multiple Alejandras seems to be a sacrifice or a manipulation rather than a healthy approach. I can understand it in a way that works, but that imagery just did not work for me.

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