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Paragoomba sprite
Paragoombas are a flying variant of the Goomba enemy from the Super Mario Bros series. They first appeared in Super Mario Bros 3 and have been a regular enemy since then.

Types And Tactics

From their inception, Paragoombas have struggled and experimented with flight. The red Paragoombas from Super Mario Bros 3 were only able to make short hops along the ground. The dangerous yellow Paragoombas were capable of sustained flight, and would drop Microgoombas from above. Paragoombas' different flight patterns continued through Super Mario World, although they abandoned their distinct appearance for a single brown-and-tan color scheme. 
In any case, Paragoombas can be dealt with much like Koopa Paratroopas. One stomp will clip their wings, and another will finish them off, or they can be dispatched with a single fireball.

Appearances Outside Video Games

Paragoomba toy
Paragoombas have made appearances in the cartoon television series The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, and in the premiere episode of Super Mario World.

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