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Parakarry helping Mario to navigate a large gap.
Parakarry is a Parakoopa mailman who delivers letters for the Mushroom Kingdom Post Office in Toad Town; unfortunately, he tends to be very clumsy, especially when it comes to completing his job. He has a habit of losing his deliveries in mid-flight, which means that he frequently has to stop his delivery rounds to find all of the missing letters. Mario first meets Parakarry in Paper Mario while Parakarry is searching for some lost letters on Mount Rugged. Shortly after meeting Mario, Parakarry convinces him to help find some of the lost mail. After a short fetch quest to find three of the lost messages, Parakarry will join the forces with Mario and assist him for the rest of his quest. His field ability allows him to pick up Mario and carry him across short distances, a necessary tool for traversing the wide gaps that are Mt. Rugged's Ravines. In battle, Parakarry is the first partner that Mario acquires who can attack enemies who are crawling on the ceiling by using his powerful skydive attack.
Parakarry and Mario celebrating a successful battle.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Parakarry actually makes his first appearance in Paper Mario much earlier in the game than when he teams up with Mario on Mt. Rugged. He can be seen during the introductory sequence of the game, delivering a letter invitation to Mario from Princess Peach.
  • Parakarry makes a small cameo appearance in the Paper Mario sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, when he delivers a letter to Mario's home -- the scene is nearly identical to the opening sequence of the first Paper Mario.

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