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Paramites are agile, four-legged predators native to the continent of Mudon of Oddworld. Their bodies resemble those of arachnids, but without a distinct cephalothorax or abdomen, and move upon two muscular forelimbs with two considerably smaller back limbs for additional support. Six digit-like mandibles are used to pull food into their mouths and are often prominently extended during open displays of Paramite aggression. Their green skin coloration serves as effective camouflage in the pine forests of Paramonia, where the Mudomo tribe of Mudokons built a sanctuary and temple dedicated to the sacred creatures.

Highly social predators, Paramites tend to form large colonies and weave extensive networks of webbing used both to capture small prey and to scale uneven terrain. Alone and in an open area, a single Paramite is rather docile and will not attack a larger creature without provocation, preferring to avoid an unfavorable confrontation. Paramites become significantly more aggressive in numbers, or when forced into a confined space. Loud hissing and extended mandibles are the telltale warning signs of an imminent Paramite attack.

The Mudomo burial vaults of Necrum, an ancient Mudokon necropolis, are also infested with colonies of Paramites, which are believed to guard the final resting places of the tribe who most revered the creatures in life. Paramites, along with another notable predator species called Scrabs, comprise the two aspects of the Mudokon deity known as the Shrykull.

Populations of Paramites have dropped significantly due to over-harvesting as meat-producing livestock, much of which is processed at Glukkon-controlled RuptureFarms and packaged as "Paramite Pies."

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