pspitus's PaRappa the Rapper (PlayStation Portable) review

Does this rappa still have some rhythm, or is he tone deaf now?

Parappa the Rapper is about a dog named….Parappa who is trying to impress the love of his life, Sunny Funny, the sun flower. I bet I know what's running through your mind right now. What the $*#* is going on? Believe me; you have every right to say that. Sure the story sounds down right ridiculous, but the way Parappa comes at every pain staking hardship to get the girl is a sight to behold; he learns karate, how to drive, how to cook, just to get the girl. Now I'm not saying that the story is epic, or the most AMAZING thing I've ever seen, but it does the job. Does it do it well, not really, but hey it's a music based game so I'll cut it some slack.

All you have to do in the game is press the correct sequence of buttons at the correct time. Although this concept seems pretty simple, and boring, I thought it was pretty fun. Sure you DON'T have to follow the correct button sequence and you can make your own beats, but usually that will bring you to the failure screen, woohoo. That pretty much sums up gameplay. It's so easy, even a cave man can do it, hahahaha, I've been watching way TOO many car insurance commercials.

Paper graphics, that's all I'm going to say. Love it, hate it, that's up to you.

The in-game music was great, and it had better be cus it is a "music game" after all. Having no good music in a "music game" is like having a dog crap on your lawn 100 times, that's right, 100 TIMES!!! The songs were pretty catchy for the most part, and were fun to play along with. There are only six songs though, and honestly, that just isn't enough to satisfy my ears.

Overall: Parappa the Rapper has aged HORRIBLY over the years. Everything that amazed me when I was little was turned into a pile of horse dung. It just can't match the standards for music-based games today. You can probably beat the game in less than 30 minutes if you wanted too. I don't really care about how long games are, but if you're going to pay $30 for a new game, it had better last at least an hour!!! (I got my copy for $20 used BTW) Even Wii Play lasts longer than this game, and that's saying something. What makes this even worse is that they didn't even add any new content to the game, and they want to sell if for $30 NEW, WHAT THE FUDGE CAKES!!! Sure Parappa the Rapper was pretty much the foundation of all music games today, but I think its time for Parappa the Rapper to retire…………. for good. Sometimes things are better left in the past.

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