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Compile was hired by Sega to develop a sports game compilation featuring three distinctive indoor activities, presumably based on the quality of their earlier pool game Lunar Pool.

"Parlour game" was a term invented in the Victorian era to denote a game played indoors, such as the three available in this compilation. The player can choose between three main modes, each with their own variants:


The Billiards mode includes different versions of billiards and pool, all played on a standard pool table. The variants are:

  • Basic: In basic mode, the only goal is to be the first to hit a player-specified score. Each pocketed ball is worth one point - the numbers on them don't matter. Not pocketing a ball (or pocketing the cue ball) passes the turn onto the next player. If all balls are potted without a winner, then a new set of nine are placed on the table. Play resumes until the target score is hit.
  • 5-ball: In 5-ball the goal is to sink the numbered balls up to five, and then sink the five ball. Sinking any balls higher than four counted as a foul. Sinking the five ball (legally) wins a set and the player can decide how many sets are required to win the game before playing.
  • 9-ball: In 9-ball the players must sink as many balls but can only hit the lowest numbered ball on the table with the cue ball. The number of the ball sunk doesn't matter, as long as the first collision was between the lowest numbered ball and the cue ball. Sinking the nine ball at any time (even with balls left on the table) wins the set. Like with 5-ball, the player can choose how many sets are needed to win.
  • Rotation: The number on the ball denotes how many points the player earns for potting it. The first player to hit a pre-determined point total first is the winner.


All darts variants are played on a standard darts board. This mode requires some finesse, as the player must carefully select their position, the strength of the toss and the point at which the dart leaves the hand. The player can even select the weight of the darts, which effects the throwing mechanic. The variants include:

  • 301: A basic scoring mode. Each player switches after throwing three darts. In order to win, a player must score 301 points exactly with the last throw being a double.
  • 501: A basic scoring mode. Like 301 but with a higher total of 501, which creates a longer game.
  • Round The Clock: The goal of this mode is to hit 1-10 in order. If a number is missed, the player must try to hit it on their subsequent turn before they can move on. The winner is the first to reach 10.
  • Double Down: The goal is to hit the numbers (or areas) suggested by the scoreboard, starting with 15. There are also rounds where the player must hit a double, a triple or the bullseye. Successfully hitting the right number/bonus increases the score, with additional bonuses for hitting it multiple times. Missing the number with all three darts simply halves the player's current score instead. After nine rounds, the player with the highest score wins.

World Bingo

World Bingo only has one mode and it's simply a case of choosing a layout, betting on a particular chain of numbers showing up and then watching a string of randomized numbers appear and then be added to the layout. The player can also change their mind and bet on different chains and lines if they wish.

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