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Parrying is not simply blocking an attack. It is a skillful deflection of an incoming attack which leaves the attacker vulnerable for a possible counter-attack. This counter-attack is known as a riposte. Parrying quite popular in many 2D fighting games, but it is also a skill of many melee classes in various RPGs and MMOs.

Street Fighter

Parrying is a technique introduced in Street Fighter III as a means of evading an incoming attack without receiving damage. The technique is achieved by timing a toward or down controller motion (when on the ground) at the exact moment an opponents attack is about to hit. A successful parry generally leaves the opponent vulnerable to a counterattack. It is also possible to parry in mid-air by tapping the controller down while airborne. Parrying works against regular, special, and super moves. To parry a full special or super move, the player must perform individual parries against every damage frame of the incoming attack.

In Street Fighter III: Third Strike "guard parrying" was introduced which allowed one to parry out of a blocking animation by moving the controller towards during a block stun. This is also known as a "red parry" because the character flashes red when the technique is performed.

In Japan parrying is known as "blocking" and what we call "blocking" is known as "guard" or "guarding".

Garou: Mark of the Wolves released in 1999, 2 years after the original SF 3 by SNK, utilized a very similar system to parrying named "Just Defend"

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