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Party of Sin is a side-scrolling competitive puzzle platformer. Each of the Seven Sins, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Lust, and Gluttony, all have different powers that allow the access to different areas and different benefits in combat. The game is more akin to something like Trine in that the player can cycle through all seven sins when needed. The competitive aspect of this game comes into play like a game like Spelunky in that it is very possible to betray the other sins. However, some of the sins' powers can benefit each other more than damage them so cooperative play in certain situations would allow easier access to areas or make certain combat situations much easier. In a role reversal to something like the Diablo franchise, the seven sins fight their way through four biblical worlds and fight their way to heaven and slaughter any holy warriors, angels, and cherubs in their way and the end boss is Archangel Michael himself.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Envy’s piercing glare burns through enemies like a laser and can hit anything within her line of sight. She’s the only Sin with a ranged attack, making her perfect for countering those hard-to-reach angels. She can also light torches, triggering forward movement in the environment. She also doesn't like Pride. As it is appropriate for Envy, when she uses her eye-laser of sinfullness on another Sin the two Sins' health bars come closer and closer until they match in point value. It can also be used to benefit weak players to boost that players health.

Gluttony. This guy can swallow just about anything made of meat. This includes meat cubes, enemies and fellow Sins. Meat cubes can be held in his stomach indefinitely. Enemies will be disabled in his stomach and slowly digested, gradually replenishing his health until either they are completely digested and die or he spits them out with force. Unlike the jealous traits to Envy's power, Gluttony's skill of swallowing will not steal health from other Sins but will hold them in his stomach for a time until they are automatically vomited up. Gluttony's skill can be used to move meat cubes or enemies and activate buttons in certain puzzles. He could be a total dick by swallowing other Sins and spitting the into hazardous environments. Gluttony could however vomit them into harder to reach places and benefit the entire team.

Greed can launch out his golden hook to grab on to various things and swing around, much like the thief from Trine. Switches and hooks can be used to trigger puzzles and swing around the environment. In combat Greed's golden hook acts like something straight out of Just Cause 2 in that he can pull enemies closer or drag them into more hazardous areas. He could also pull out of reach objects closer to other Sins to help them out or pull powerups closer to himself to steal them for himself. Greed can also pull other Sins out of the air, mid-jump. This could be very useful if it wasn't so much fun to fuck up someone's jump.

Lust's skill lies within her sexual and seductive poses which breaks perfume bottles to create platforms and stuns nearby enemies and Sins. This can also be used in the middle of combat to stun larger and harder to beat enemies or to punish other Sins that are causing her trouble. She is also rather fond of Former President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton.

Pride is very, well... PRIDEFUL about his sword. He can perform a sword dash, which does considerable damage and allows him to jump farther than other Sins can. It can also be used to reflect projectiles. He is both the bruiser and self appointed leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride's sword can also be used in a puzzle context to activate purple switches when the need arises. He also can neither detract from or contribute to the team's well being in a significant way, which is very unlike the six other sins.

Sloth doesn't like when things get so serious and when they do she likes to slow everything down for everyone to gather themselves and then get back to the action. Her special skill is, you guessed it, to slow down time. However, she can only control the time flow of one object at a time. She can also use her shuriken-like teddy as a short range attack when she needs to. As you would guess, Sloth can piss off other Sins by slowing them down mid jump to make sure they get hit by that slow moving projectile that they would have very easily avoided without her interaction.

Wrath. Nothing too complex here. He likes to hit things, and when he has hit a lot of things, he goes berserk and hits even more things until there’s nothing left to hit. If he happens to bash in a button or two that helps the team make progress, all the merrier. In a puzzle context, Wrath can smash huge doors to help the forward movement but has no other real benefit to the team outside of a combat context. Wrath can also punt sins into hard to reach places... or deep lava pits.

PC System Requirements


  • OS:Windows XP
  • Memory:1 GB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 10 compatible GPU
  • DirectX®:10
  • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space


  • OS:Windows 7
  • Memory:4 GB RAM
  • Graphics:DirectX 10 compatible GPU
  • DirectX®:10
  • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space

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