Patapon 2 = Patapon for retards.

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Fair enough, the original could be tough.

But watching that vid, it appears they have scaled down the challenge a ridiculous amount.

Hopefully they put in a choice for difficulty, or find some other ways to make the game challenging. I mean its a rythm game for a reason, if you take out the need to be able to keep in rythm, then its going to need to expand on its strategy elements.
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I thought this was banned in australia.

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To be abel to choose the difficuty would solve that.

I didn't think the first one was very difficult. It was just tiresome to me, because I have to constantly keep moving either my feet or my head to keep up with the tempo.

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In case someone lands here from a search engine:

In the demo, you can choose the difficulty level. Medium difficulty appears easier than the first Patapon game. I haven't tried the hard difficulty setting yet.

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The retail ver of the game also has difficulty select.

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well they need to make the sequel more accessible for newer players to the game. I for one did not play the first Patapon because I didn't know what the hell it even was. I heard about it from a podcast and downloaded the demo not knowing what to expect. Thinking about getting it soon though.

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worries unfounded.

games awesome.

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I didn't like the first one all that much, and I have the same criticisms with this one. There's still a grind and I hate that.

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