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Patapon is a revolutionary franchise in the way it combines rhythm and strategy in one game. The player builds an army and then commands it by issuing drum commands with the symbol buttons on the PSP. When pressed in certain order in the game's 4/4 time the army does what it is told while singing the command say Pon-Pon-Pata-Pon for attack.


Patapon the original game in the series was released Febuary 26, 2008. The press intrest Patapon got before the release was large compared to other titles exclusive to the PSP and Patapon lived up to the hype. It got great reviews from IGN, 1up and Gamespot. It is considered one of the best games currently out on
Patapon is considered one of the best PSP games to date.
the PSP.
Patapon 2, the sequel to the original, was announced July 9th, 2008. It is said to be in production with a Japan release date set for winter 2008. No North American or European release dates have been announced.

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